Tramp Metal Separation: iron remover

The RCYD series perm-magnetic self-unloading iron remover consists of components including a high-performance permanent magnetic core, an unloading belt, a speed reduction motor, a frame and several rollers, etc. and can be used in connection with various conveying machines for iron removal in various industries.

features :

Iron remover can realize continuous suction and discharge of iron particles. The belt is designed to have automatic deviation correction capability and is noise-free, reliable and easy to maintain. Its internal magnetic circuit is designed using computer simulation and its perfect bi-polar structure can guarantee failure-free operations in harsh working conditions. Anti-blast models are available.

GJT-F Series metal detector

GJT-F Series metal detector uses the assembled sensor with differential transformer and the latest metal detection technology in the circuit, i.e. digital phase shift and relevant detection technology that is characterized by reliable performance, high sensitivity, strong suppression of material properties, and excellent anti-interference capability. It is mainly used in thermal power, cement, building materials, paper making, mining, food, and chemical sectors to detect various metal substances in the raw material. The device detects a sensing signal actuated when the metal enters into the electromagnetic field generated by the sensor, and drives the actuator to act by way of the signal amplification circuit, thus detecting harmful metals.

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